Images courtesy of Aniplex.

Aniplex Online Fest 2021 organizers released lists of musicians who will be participating and programming.

Some fans will remember Aimer’s first anisong hit from 2011 series “No.6”, “Rokutousei no Yoru”. She recently performed the ending theme songs for the Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy.

ClariS collaborated with Aniplex in several series including the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica franchise and Monogatari series.

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] composed the soundtrack for hit titles including “Attack on Titan”, “Kill la Kill”, “Guilty Crown” and “Promare”.

There’s very few anime fans that wouldn’t think of the first “Demon Slayer” theme song when they see LiSA’s name. She also performed in “Angel Beats!”, the Fate series and “Sword Art Online”.

ReoNa was the singing voice of “Gun Gale Online” Elza Kanzaki and also provided songs for “Happy Sugar Life”.

DJ Kazu will also be performing during the event.

Anime Programming List

Along with the titles listed in the image above, AOF 2021 will also talk about their upcoming shows like the anime adaptation of “The Case Study of Vanitas”. “86 EIGHTY-SIX” and many others.

Special guests appearing in these programs include voice actors Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro Kamado), Satoshi Hino (Kyojuro Rengoku), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito), Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna), Kenji Akabane (Fate/Grand Order), Minami Tanaka (Fate/Grand Order), Aoi  Yuki (Madoka Kaname), Eri Kitamura (Sayaka Miki), Momo Asakura (Iroha Tamaki) and Sora Amamiya (Yachiyo Nanami).

Aniplex also announced that hosts Sally Amaki of 22/7 and Maxwell Powers will be returning for AOF 2021.

Stay tuned for more information about AOF 2021 and check out their website.