Day 11: Favorite music in an anime – I honestly cannot pick just one so here is a list of some of my favorites

These are in no order, really. And yes, Cowboy Bebop should be on here, but I decided to list ones you may either not be aware of or ones that simply get no love.


Fairy Tail – Celtic Rock
Many people forget about the inner music of an anime and mostly remember the openings and endings. I for one am not a fan of Fairy Tail nor it’s openings and endings. Yet, I found myself incredibly attracted the rest of the soundtrack. Yasuharu Takanashi is the composer for the series and let me tell you, this man has an ear for the Irish. Storming with violins, songs such as Invoke Magic and Titania Dance get me so pumped for anything.

Unfortunately there’s no real track from the first season of Fairy Tail

Baccano! – 1930’s Jazz
If it’s one genre Japan knows about, it’s Jazz. Baccano! is a roller coaster of an anime and it’s soundtrack is just as intense. Composed by Makoto Yoshimori, the songs are fitted appropriately at any slow or fast-paced moments, the is always matching the scene.

Black Butler – Elegant and somber instrumental
As I have mentioned many times before, I am in love With Black Butler. This includes the soundtrack. The series can get incredibly dark and depressing and sometimes you need a composer to figure out just the right tones. Taku Iwasaki nailed it by radiating the first two seasons and Yasunori Mitsuda with the Book of Circus and Book of Murder. Both have captured the intensity this series offers all while giving us a taste of Victorian England.

Eden of the East: Contemporary and alternative with a side of soul
Sure the main opening may be performed by English band Oasis and it’s ending by Japanese band Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment, but the REAL main song for this brilliant series is “Reveal the World” performed by Brenda Vaughn. I really love everything about this soundtrack but “Reveal the World” just hits home for me. It is subtly played throughout the series, barely being heard until the climactic scene, you all know which one I am talking about, happens and this song blares over the speakers captivating all who listen.

Kids on the Slope – Easy Jazz
This story is about two completely different boys becoming inseparable with one another. They bond over a love of music; one plays classic piano and the other plays wild jazz on the drums. The soundtrack is composed by the famous Yoko Kano and while it may not be as famous as her other soundtracks, this one tears at heart strings and just plain fun. Particularly the duet between the two mains. After watching the series, I find myself listening to this song over and over, revisiting the scene.

Nodame Cantablle – Nothing but classical
I happened to stumble upon Nodame Cantablle when Crackle was still a new thing. The only information I had was an image of a young girl on the piano and a young man holding a conductor’s baton. It looked cute so I gave it a try. Little did I know that this series’ entire score is nothing but classical music. The score and even the plot revolves around classical and it just happens to be my favorite genre. All the favorites are there, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and my favorite, Rachmaninoff. The series is composed by Suguru Matsutani, who created the Nodame Orchestra to perform the classical pieces while also composing his own themes for the show. A huge turning point in the series is when the main character, Chiake, plays a beautiful solo of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2. I want to walk down the aisle to this song; it is that amazing.

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  1. Abagail

    These songs are all so good! I actually like Fairy Tail and the music.