I’m starting to see a pattern in my recommendations: These episodes tend to belong to light-hearted  comedies with a side of drama. However, I feel Halloween shouldn’t just be a night of scary and gory imagery. It should be a fun and happy holiday spent with those you can tolerate the most.

This may not be the case for Sunako Nakahara, the main character of the shojo comedy series The Wallflower, or Yamato nadeshiko Shichi Henge or Perfect Girl Evolution; it has many names. Sunako is a gothic shut-in who believes she is the ugliest thing on two legs. She has no friends, no social skills and no interest in the real world. She is sent to her aunt’s mansion to train with four attractive high school boys to become a ‘perfect lady’. In exchange, the boys get to live at the mansion, rent-free. Cue the hilarious shenanigans the boys get into and experience as they try to take this awkward and difficult girl and turn her into a lady. To add to the hilarity, at times, Sunako can’t even look at them due to their beauty and brightness.

With Sunako being a goth and having a love for all things gory and horror and elements of anatomy dolls, Gothic Victorian clothing and dark settings, each episode is The Wallflower is honestly one giant Halloween series. But that didn’t stop Tomoko Hayakawa, the creator, writing in many Halloween chapters throughout the series’ run. In this episode, ‘Halloween Seen in Dreams’, Sunako becomes ill and the boys are left to do all the household chores. It becomes apparent that she is actually not ‘sick’, but misses her favorite holiday, Halloween. The boys and Sunako’s new friend Noi Kasahara, ban together to decorate the mansion and throw her a Halloween party.

To be honest, The Wallflower‘s animation leaves much to be desired. But the story is fun and entertaining and I love Sunako and Kyohei’s relationship enough that I could get passed the wonky animation. If you’re a fan of loud and spazzy characters with a Halloween vibe, give this series a shot. If you find yourself unable to watch the whole series, at least give this episode a watch. Funimation is streaming the series.

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