Here we have yet another light-hearted series. Ouran High School Host Club is a staple for any anime watcher and fan. The series pokes fun at the typical shojo genre all while still being a shojo in itself. If you have been living under the metaphorical rock and have not read or seen this series, let me give you the brief rundown:

Haruhi Fujioka is a female student attending the prestigious high school academy, Ouran High. After running into (literally) an almost priceless vase in a club room belonging to the school’s Host Club, Haruhi is recruited as the club’s ‘dog’ or errand boy, and is tasked with working off the vase though tasks the club assigns her. The real twist is no one knows she is actually a girl; and she doesn’t particularly care. Once the boys realize she has a knack for pleasing customers, she is upgraded to an actual host. If she can gain enough customers under the guise of a boy, the vase will be paid off and her debt repaid.

While I could get into the themes of gender identity, romance, jealousy and love, I am here to discuss the ever-fun and hilarious Halloween episode titled ‘Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin’. Haruhi’s class holds an event called “The Test of Courage Tournament” in which the students pair off in teams and must survive one night in the school while scaring other teams. The losing team will be featured on the front page of the school paper and will be known as the “Captain of All Cowards” for the year. Throughout the episode, we see the students run a muck as they try to scare each other into quitting. The upperclassmen dress up in ghoulish costumes including monsters, ghosts and, in one’s case, a cute Jack-o-Lantern, to try and spook their underclassmen throughout the night.

While this episode is fun and frightening, it down pertain to the plot quite heavily. While you can definitely watch this episode on it’s own, I HIGHLY recommend watching the prior episodes so you may have an idea what the characters are talking about in certain parts. If anything, you can watch it for the Halloween aesthetic and for the hilarious slapstick situations that happen to the characters. You can watch this episode and series on Funimation.