Attack on Titan. The series was on everyone’s lips Tuesday evening as Funimation hosted the world premiere of the live action movie at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. Walking up to the event, the large crowd showed the impact this movie was going to have from the streams of cosplayers to reporters from around the world. The live action adaptation of this particular anime is unique in that the mangaka, Hajime Isayama, worked closely with director, Shinji Higuchi, in order to adapt the story for the silver screen. This movie also has one of the largest budgets a Japanese live action movie has ever gotten and features new technology nicknamed “anime CGI” that brings the titans to life in a new, unique way.Higuchi was the first to come onto the red carpet and share with the crowd his excitement for the grand premiere. He was constantly expressing the pride he felt for this movie and how thrilled he was to be sharing it with his international fans. Next to appear were stars of the movie, Haruma Miura and Kiko Mizuhara, who play title characters Eren and Mikasa. As they walked along the carpet, they signed posters for the fans and answered questions with each group of reporters. Haruma Miura spotted AnimeUshi’s Gracie and AniMsChar dressed as Annie and Mikasa and ran over to take a picture with them! (Apparently Annie is his favourite character). Kiko Mizuhara had mentioned to AniMsChar that she should have been in the movie. The two actors were extremely friendly and patiently answered as many questions as they could. Each worked very hard on this film from going through personal training, researching the depths of their characters and trying their best to make the fans proud of their hard work.Immediately following the red carpet event, press and guests alike were invited inside the theatre to grab some complimentary popcorn and soda, courtesy of Funimation, before sitting down to watch the movie. Before the movie started, the three special guests went to the front of the room to discuss what to expect from the movie.  Higuchi wanted to make clear that the audience understood that this was indeed an adaptation and that there will be changes from the original story.  All three were incredibly humbled to be in Hollywood and even had to hold back a few tears. The dynamic chemistry between the stars and director was absolutely beautiful to witness.After receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, the special guest came back to the front of the theatre to answer a few questions for the audience. All three were overwhelmed with pride and honor, each on the brink of crying with just how well the movie was received from the crowd. They were initially worried about premiering this movie in Hollywood, but having gotten such a warm reception, it made all their efforts worth it. One of the first questions asked to the main actors was how hard it was to betray the two biggest roles in the manga on the big screen. Both had faced immense amounts of pressure and expectation with much to learn both physically and mentally. Mizuhara was thrilled to be playing such a strong female role that looks like it was quite easy for her to do in the final cut, but behind the scenes was actually very hard work. Her most memorable scenes from the movie were battle scenes because they were the most exhilarating and trying for her to do. Haruma’s was filming the scene of being inside the titan’s belly. He expressed it as ” being inside a huge tub of lotion.” The last question was directed at Shinji Higuchi, asking why did he want to make a live action Attack on Titan movie in the first place? His simple answer: because I love the manga! After seeing it all culminate into this night, all the hard work the cast and crew put in, it was all worth it.

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Anime Ushi would like to throw a shout out and thank you to Funimation for putting on this spectacular event and it was an honor to be invited by them. Be sure to check out our review of the movie later this week!