Resurrection F is a throwback to the Namek saga in all the best ways. DBZRF sees the return of the beloved villain Frieza in his new form aptly named “Golden Frieza”. In this new form, Frieza is ready to take on an eager Vegeta and Goku for his grand return to earth, however his efforts are thwarted by the evolution of the Saiyan’s “God Mode” form.dragon-ball-z-resurrection-f-golden-frieza

We were lucky enough to get a taste of the red carpet premiere with fellow fans and cosplayers alike. What we can tell you is this is not a movie to be missed. Resurrection F is anticipated to be the biggest theatrical release for an animation ever. Fans who hit theaters August 4-12th will be treated to a theatrical release of the film before the showing, featuring behind the scenes footage as well as interviews with the voice actors.


Fans anticipating the film will also be happy to hear there is a new game set to hit the Nintendo 3DS October 20th. Extreme Butoden is a 2D style fighting game from the creators of Guilty Gear, where fans can play as major characters sucs Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, etc. An exclusive Gold Frieza will be sold at SDCC next weekend as well.


Some goodies we learned from the official Resurrection F panel, hosted by Justin Rojas had us on the edge of our seats for the full hour. We were met with behind the scenes footage and an exclusive sneak peek at the major fight scene between Goku and Frieza. Major voice actors such as Sean Schemel, Chris Sabat, Christopher Ayers, and more were present for an intriguing Q&A session for fans most important questions. Here are some of our favorite’s from the panel!


Question: “Why choose Frieza to make a comeback as opposed to any other villain in the series?”

Answer: The majority of the cast agreed that Frieza is arguably the best villain in the show. They wanted to see him face off against Vegeta and Goku at his best, and so Resurrection F was born AND delivered.


Question: (fan gesturing towards the fully packed at capacity crowd) “What do you think of what has become of the show and the large following Dragonball Z has?”

Answer: All voice actors stated that they truly love the DBZ fandom and the show. They are a bunch who truly love what they do and hope to continue as long as they are able. One subject that was mentioned repeatedly was that they truly do not know what the future holds for the series, but are eager to find out. The voice actors are held in the dark about the show just as much as the fans are.


Question: “Are there any new characters that will make a permanent mark in the series?”

Answer: There is a blue alien named Jacko in Resurrection F that, although they are not positive, they are confident he will become a permanent staple to the series.

Question: “What are you most excited about with Dragonball Super?”

Answer: Christopher Ayers took over for this question. They are most excited to learn about God Mode and what it entails. Chris Ayers believes Frieza’s gold form is the creators way of poking fun of the super saiyan form with his gold tint. All voice actors were truly excited to see what is going to become of the main crew under this new power they have achieved.

Question: “What do you think of the future of Dragonball Z and the film”

Answer: Chris Sabat and Sean Schemel want to see the film make more money than Dragonball Evolution. They believe that anime is the future, their way of showing it’s here to stay is through the release of Resurrection F. All voice actors agreed that they wanted to see more anime films hitting theaters to show it is not a force to be rivaled with.


The conclusion of the panel was our favorite part, with Justin Rojas getting the entire crowd and cast together for a group Kamehameha blast on video. Do not miss Dragonball Z Resurrection F that hits select theaters August 4th-12th!