This week I have been sharing some of my favorite Halloween anime episodes and they all have been, quite light-hearted and fun. Taking a side step, for the next three nights I would like to share three of my favorite anime films. While only one actually takes place during Halloween, the other two are filled with horror elements that are prefect for the season.

To start things off, I wanted to share the ultimate anime’s own movie: Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door. The film features our favorite bounty hunters doing what they do best: slacking off and trying to get rich quick. A few days before Halloween, a mysterious man blows up a truck in Mars’ capital city, presumably infecting hundreds of people with a new pathogen. The government puts a bounty on the man’s head and the Bebop crew decide to take on the bounty. The man is identified as a soldier and lone survivor of a pathogen experiment that eventually led to his insanity. Vincent plans to use the Halloween parade that is set to take place on Halloween Day to let loose the deadly pathogen, killing everyone on Mars. It’s up the Bebop crew and new character, Elektra to stop him at whatever cost.

The film serves as a somewhat filler movie that happens right before the final showdown Between Spike and Vicious, the main protagonist and antagonist of the series. In true Cowboy Bebop fashion, the film is high roller coaster of action, drama, comedy and tragedy while the setting of Halloween makes it a great watch for the season.

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