Every comic book fan always remember the first Saturday of May. Since 2002, the industry with strategic help from Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. host a special celebration to its readers known as Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). People will be flocking to their favorite comic shops on May 6th to grab their free FCBD specials and may check out cool events and offers there. While the majority of participating publishers make solely comics, some of the manga publishers will be releasing their own special FCBD issues.

Last year, Kodansha Comics had a small anthology of artists giving their take on the hit series Attack On Titan. This time Orphan Black writer Jody Houser with Plutona artist Emi Lenox provided a new grim story within the walls. Both women worked on dark titles so working with this series was within their field of expertise. Kodansha also bundled a sneak peek to the upcoming Season Two of the anime. For more information and a three-page preview, visit the FCBD page.

VIZ Media highlights their latest releases Dragon Ball Super and Boruto in their silver FCBD special. Both series are new expansions to the original stories though Dragon Ball Super is within its timeline and Boruto is a sequel of Naruto. Volume One of the two manga are available for purchase. VIZ also has a gold FCBD issue featuring their line of The Legend of Zelda manga. Fans will be able to get a taste of the story of the hit video game series with previews of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Readers can dive back in without getting stuck in the Water Temple.

Other specials manga fans might enjoy will be Drawn and Quarterly’s “Colorful Monsters” sampler that includes classic Kitaro,  Udon Entertainment’s “Street Fighter V Wrestling Special” and Tokyopop’s preview of their adaptation of Disney’s “Descendants.”

Do note that while there is a large list of FCBD titles, availability varies from store to store. Each will have their own stock and policy so please follow the rules. To find out who will be hosting an event on May 6th, visit FCBD’s store locator.