Creator of hit series “Soul Eater” Atsushi Ohkubo’s latest manga “Fire Force” finally reaches English-reading fans thanks to Kodansha Comics. His new tale focuses on Shinra Kusakabe, a teen with a devilish grin and unique pyrokinesis. He is part of the Special Fire Force Company Eight who deals with the strange but prevalent cases of spontaneous human combustion in Tokyo. While the newer members work on getting more cohesive with the rest of the team, a mysterious dark force slowly moves out of the shadows and into the flames.

“Fire Force” is an explosive story filled with hijinks and action. It seems that a large number of references and character traits used in “Soul Eater” are present in Ohkubo’s current series. Those in the company act more like exorcists than regular firefighters plus Shinra has a strong similarity to Soul the Death Scythe along with other series’ protagonists with ostracized childhoods. Readers will have to find out how Ohkubo develops Shinra into his own being and out of the mold.

For more information on this new manga visit and check out Yen Press for Ohkubo’s previous series “B. Ichi,” “Soul Eater” and “Soul Eater Not.”


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