Yen Press translated Kurukuruhime’s short anthology “Yuri Life” into English back in 2019. The manga contained several sweet stories from the homes of different relationships. 

Readers take a peek of the lives of ten couples, each with their own dynamics and ways of life. Unlike most manga, every page with panels is its own chapter. Though they are small portions of the book, Kurukuruhime shows that you tell good stories with a few pages. “Yuri Life” is also unique due to being a fully colored manga. Most of the illustrations have a very warm palette and it matches the soft atmosphere and Kurukuruhime’s thin and light drawing style. It may surprise people that this is the artist’s first solo book and has been translated and printed in color. It definitely deserves a read for it shows the female couples just as they are, people in love and learning how to live with their significant other.

For more information, check out Yen Press’s website.