While Boruto takes over the reins of the main storyline of the “Naruto” series, fans can still look back on their old favorite characters in “Naruto: Chibi Sasuke’s Sharingan Legend.”

Artist and assistant of Masashi Kishimoto, Kenji Taira continues the miniature mischief he made in “Rock Lee and His Pals” by having Sasuke Uchiha and his team bring in the comedy. While it is the same world that contains the famous Konohagakure Village filled with ninjas, it is far from the serious universe filled with angst and war. Though the characters are from the Naruto Shippuden arcs, new readers wouldn’t have to go back to the old series to understand who is who and what is going on. The manga re-introduces people from time to time and it seems there is no overall plot. Taira adds in a bit of Japanese daily life and pop culture so some references might not be caught by Western readers. Luckily, it doesn’t hinder from any of the jokes as Taira flips the one of the most serious faces of the Naruto franchise.

Volume Three, the finale of “Chibi Sasuke” reached shelves on May 2018. Visit VIZ Media’s site for more information along with checking out free chapters from the series. VIZ also has the anime adaptation of Taira’s first Naruto chibi series, “Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee and His Pals” available for streaming both dubbed and subbed.