Featured Image courtesy of VIZ Media.

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s hit 2018 series “Chainsaw Man” will be heading to shelves this October in English thanks to publisher VIZ Media.

The leading man in “Chainsaw Man” is Denji but he is far from a shining star. He inherits his father’s astounding debt and does nearly everything to pay it off. With his demonic dog Pochita, he cuts costs, cuts trees, cuts out his organs and now cuts devils to earn money. Denji revs up the chainsaw in Pochita and takes down the creatures that threaten humans. He seems content collecting the bounties as a devil hunter but things go terribly wrong when a job was a planned ambush. His strength and skills are not enough to defeat the mob and they kill him. Dismantled in a dumpster, he gets a second chance thanks to Pochita who offers his body to reassemble Denji. Opportunity arrives in the form of a real devil hunter and finds a new way to achieve his dreams.

Western readers may be familiar with Fujimoto and his first series “Fire Punch”. There are interesting parallels between Denji and Agni from “Fire Punch” as both men come from impoverished backgrounds and supernatural powers resurrected them. However compared to Agni’s dark revenge, Denji has a bit of comfort thanks to his new employers. “Chainsaw Man” itself has a lighter atmosphere with several funny moments and Denji’s optimistic mind. It somewhat balances the many gorey action and bleak situations he constantly encounters. The manga has the rating of Teen Plus due to illustrations of bloody violence, tobacco use and some sexual content. Definitely not for those faint of heart but highly recommend to fans who love hard hits in their horror.

Volume One of “Chainsaw Man” will be available on October 6th, 2020. Head over to VIZ’s website for information on where you can purchase it. Interested fans can also check it out on Shonen Jump where the latest chapters are translated. For those interested in reading Fujimoto’s other manga “Fire Punch”, VIZ has all eight volumes available.