Creator Inouesatoh’s BL series “10 Dance” brings readers into the ballroom as they follow a rivalry turned romance when the competitors literally get close.

One would have to be specific when talking about Shinya in the competitive dancing world. There is Shinya Sugiki who studied in England reigns over Standard Ballroom styles while Shinya Suzuki from Cuba is the best in Latin Dance. The two never went against each other due to entering events regarding their preferred forms until Sugiki invited Suzuki and his partner Aki to join the daunting 10 Dance. Both teams would have to perform every style up to four times if they went all the way to the final round that very day. Suzuki initially refused the offer but a heated confrontation with Sugiki led to taking on the challenge of teaching each other and prepare within a year. Their first day of learning was rough as everyone was on different levels but they continued. Things took a shift when Sugiki had Suzuki as his partner and practiced together after their female partners left. The lessons became more intimate as they learned more about the other’s style not knowing that they were going to make new discoveries about themselves. Though their personalities harshly clashed, like magnets, these opposites had some kind of attraction.

In the first volume’s afterword, Inouesatoh mentions that she first started “10 Dance” back in 2003 with publisher Takeshobo but then redid it when she moved to Kodansha. Even without seeing the previous iteration of the manga, the skill and expertise is present in the detailed illustrations. Readers will see both the clear movements and the emotions they give off thanks to the clear drawings even if Inouesatoh says she doesn’t know much about the technicalities of ballroom dancing. The panels really bring the audience into the dance floor and also into the drama that the two men create. “10 Dance” is an intriguing story of renewal and romance that might bring some pep into one’s step.

Volumes Three recently hit shelves on May 2019 and Four, Five and Six will arrive on August, November and next February respectively according to Penguin Random House. For more information on “10 Dance” including a free online preview, visit Kodansha Comic’s website.