Funimation held a special world premiere of the dubbed version of “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” just a bit a week before its upcoming North American screening event. Both fans, members of the press and industry watched along with contributors of the series to see the new adventure of Deku and All Might.

Freshman student of U.A. High School Izuku Midoriya or “Deku” finds himself in a trip of a lifetime when his mentor/icon All Might invites him to I-Expo. The event is on I-Island, a prestigious artificial city where many of the most brilliant minds lives and has a security system rival to Tartarus Prison. Though it is summer vacation, the guys cannot let their guard down, especially All Might who must keep in his full form while in public. Before heading into the expo, a girl named Melissa meets them and calls the grand hero “Uncle Might.” Deku finds out that she is the daughter of the highly acclaimed scientist David Shield who was an old classmate of All Might. While the two men catch up, Melissa gives a tour around the place and they run into fellow students of U.A. All the kids decide to meet up before the preview night ball but things go wrong when villains take over both the pro-heroes and the island’s security. It is up to them to become the rescuers and save the day.

“My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” is definitely something both fans and new viewers of the series will enjoy. It gives a brief summary of the anime as it shows it takes place after the U.A. Sports Festival. The audience needs no other background information as they dive into All Might’s past as an exchange student in America. The movie has a good balance in the first half with its amount of humor and melancholic drama but action ramps up once the bad guys step out of the shadows. The unique battlefield gives several supporting members a chance to shine with their Quirks but nothing will prepare the audience for the grandeur of the final fight. The film raises the adventure from the anime to a level fitting for the cinemas.

Anime Expo 2018 hosted the subtitled world premiere and now fans in the U.S. and Canada will be able to enjoy both the film in both Japanese and English starting on September 25th to October 2nd. For those who have some reservations about watching anime with dubbing, the cast does a great job to make their voices feel natural and it really shows during the many fight scenes. 

For more information including which versions will be shown on what day, visit Funimation Film’s website.