Many attendees went to the Main Events hall to watch the first episode of “Dr. STONE”, the anime adaptation of writer Riichiro Inagaki and artist Boichi’s manga series before its television debut.

Viewers join up with high schooler Taiju as he finally summons the courage to confess to his crush Yuzuriha. Some of his classmates bet on his failure while mad scientist Senku had no doubt in his success. However before he was able to get an answer, a strange light fills the sky and everyone’s skin begins to turn into stone. It petrifies all the human and modern life ceased. Nature reclaims the world but things take another shift when Taiju breaks open his shell. Things seem lonely after finding the petrified bodies including his beloved Yuzuriha until he finds a note next to her. Following the instructions, he reunites with Senku who woke up six months earlier. It is up to them to understand how they broke free and restart human civilization.

Right after the screening, MCs Miles Thomas and Andrea Ramirez invited producer Shusuke Katagiri of TMS and Shonen Jump editor Hiroyuki Honda to talk more about “Dr. STONE”. The duo wore lab coats and paper hats of Senku’s wig. Ramirez asked about how the series was selected for an anime adaptation. Honda answered that the manga was very popular and TMS approached SJ about making the anime. Katagiri further explained that his boss had a difficult show to turn into an anime. 

Thomas then asked if they had any unique moments while making the episodes and Honda said that the production team had quite the fondness with alcohol and got “plastered”. He also said that half of the show was “made up of alcohol.” Thomas asked the pair if they ever distilled their own brandy like Senku. Both Katagiri and Honda have not since they would have to have proper licences but Honda said he would if he had the chance. Honda then expressed how it is the most fun seeing the overseas fans and Katagiri said he was very nervous that day.

Ramirez wanted to know from the guys what were some key elements of the manga they kept in the anime and Honda replied that they wanted the science and technology to be faithful especially since they have a special advisor for the manga. Katagiri said he was genuinely happy with all the audience’s cheers and revealed they changed the liquid’s color in the poster simply for visual aesthetics.

Before the end of the panel, Thomas gave both of the guests a chance to give the fans a special message. Honda asked the audience if they enjoyed the premiere and the crowd responded with heavy cheers. Katagiri said that he was glad they made it to AX. He was worried that it would not have been completed in time. Honda then said that he was happy and fortunate to see the second birthday of humanity on America’s own birthday, the Fourth of July.

Crunchyroll is currently streaming episodes of “Dr. STONE” while VIZ Media releases English translations of the manga.