Publishers Seven Seas Entertainment and One Peace Books bring two of the latest titles from the artist Sayuki, “Nirvana” and “Mikagura School Suite” respectively. Both action-fantasy books have something for almost every kind of reader.

Based off of the song and novel series by the duo Last Note., “Mikagura School Suite” followed Eruna Ichinomiya as she started her high school career in Mikagura Academy. It was the only school she applied for after she saw the catalog with the granddaughter of the school’s principal wearing her uniform. Somehow it was the only thing that brought the hermit gamer to motivate her to take the entrance exam. Just like how Eruna lacked in drive, she also didn’t have a lot of wit. Still, she got into the school by seeing a creature of the mysterious Mikagura nicknamed “Bimii.” Though her cousin Shigure Ninomiya told her a bit about their school, nothing could prepare her for the lessons and activities she will learn.

Sayuki’s latest series “Nirvana” is a project co-written with Jin, known as Shizen no Teki-P in the Vocaloid circles. Young Yachiyo Hitotose was ready to pursue the same path as her mother and be a overseas humanitarian. However when her plane’s engine caught on fire, Yachiyo thought it was all over. To her surprise, she awoke in a strange temple. She found out that she is in a place called Gulgraf and her watch indicated that she is the reincarnation of their beloved goddess Lady Sakuya. She reluctantly went with the flow of the land of ancient magic, but mysterious enemies forced her to activate a hidden power within her. Realizing that the prophecy was true, Yachiyo accepted her fate to protect the people of Gulgraf from evil.

It is very interesting to see how both stories have a female protagonist, but with personalities that are near polar opposites. Eruna would think of herself before acting while Yachiyo would do her best to help in a heartbeat. The settings for each of the mangas are also drastically different as Mikagura Academy acts as a slightly controlled battleground compared to the openness of Gulgraf. Surprisingly “Nirvana” moves in a fast pace but it might be because there is a lot to uncover. There is a lot of movement also in “Mikagura” but there is a bit more time to time to take in the information Eruna needs to process. Fans of Jin’s other work “Kagerou Daze” which turned into the anime “Mekakucity Actors” will be familiar with the dark tone he adds. “Nirvana” definitely brings the blood, sweat and tears. Both series have an eclectic cast that showcases the artist’s skill in detailed work. Whether you want a schoolhouse brawl or a journey to catch a villain, either Sayuki series will have your fill of action.

In Japan, “Nirvana” is currently part of the Comic Gene magazine ongoing lineup while “Mikagura” ends in its sixth volume. Seven Seas Entertainment will release the translation of “Nirvana” Volume Two in March 2018 so interested reader will have a chance to check out One Peace Books’s translations of both the original light novel and manga adaptation of “Mikagura.” Anime fans can also head over to Crunchyroll to watch all 12 episodes of Jin’s “Mekakucity Actors.”