Sanzo’s two-volume debut series “My Girlfriend is a T-Rex” is a short but sweet romantic story between humans and prehistoric monster girls.

In an alternate reality, dinosaurs are still alive and have human upper bodies due to evolution. It is normal to see these modern descendants go through their days just like their non-scaley counterparts, but by chance Yuuma Ashikawa finds one of the few that still have some wild genes. Churio the T-Rex tried to scare the man with her ferocity but all her bark leads to no bite on the bait. An exchange of gifts and favors lead to a unique relationship between the two. Churio moves next door to Yuuma as she tries to become a civilized resident, but it seems that both have quite a lot to learn in love and life.

Sanzo’s manga is a refreshing look within the monster girl genre by using a different creature source for the human hybrids. While it may take some readers to get used to their bodies, the silly but heartwarming moments keeps them hooked. Each chapter has many small slices from each of the characters lives, showing how the dinosaurs easily fit within the current times. It seems that not much is different compared to reality, though one may have to save up expenses for hospital bills and property damages. It is unknown if another translated series from Sanzo will arrive, but for those who understand Japanese can check out the artist’s pivix page and read more short stories about humans dealing with strange creatures. For more information on “My Girlfriend is a T-Rex,” visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s page.