Many people dream and plan for settling down and raising a family, but not Kobeni Yonomori of studio Doga Kobo’s 2014 animated adaptation of artist Cherry-Arai’s 4-Koma series “Engaged to the Unidentified.”

Young Kobeni did not expect much when she turned 16 especially a “gift” from her late grandfather. It arrived in the form of the silent Hakuya Mitsumine, a boy around her age who traveled from his village to fulfill his part of arranged engagement. Worried about his safety, his little sister Mashiro tagged along. As the dedicated housekeeper of the small Yonomori family, the sudden expansion meant more meals to prepare and work around the place. As if it was enough trouble for the teen, her two new family members also became her classmates. While strangely accepting her fiancé, she forced Hakuya, Mashiro and her older sister Benio to keep it a secret in fear of what her peers would say. As much as she wanted to keep things as normal as possible, Kobeni remembered something from her blurred childhood that might reveal what makes the Mitsumines a bit unusual compared to others.

Although Cherry-Arai’s 2009 comics continues to this day(sadly with no official English publication,) the anime only has a 12-episode run. Still, the series wraps up the story nicely though mystery still lingers around the Mitsumines. There is a unique and smooth flow in the way Doga Kobo animate and it adds more to the many comedic scenes, especially between Mashiro and Benio.

Check out “Engaged to the Unidentified” on Crunchyroll and enjoy this late winter romance.