Atlus has outdone themselves once again and are bringing yet another incredible game to the American market. Fans of the Attack on Titan series will be pleasantly surprised to have access to the new game, Humanity in Chains as soon as next month. The game, developed by Spike Chunsoft, will be made available on the Nintendo E-shop, with the first two episodes of the series currently available in the E-shop as well.

The 2011 game, which was made available in Japan under the name The Last Wings of Mankind, is expected to bring an even larger following to the manga and anime adaptation of the series. Players will be able to join the ranks of the elite Scout Regiment to face off against titans through both online and local multi-player, for up to four players. The game will utilize the much anticipated new 3DS XL C-stick and the Circle Pad Pro as well. You and your team will take on titans together and see where you match up in the leader boards.

You will first take on the role of Eren Yaeger in the year 845, and as the story progresses you will have the ability to unlock other playable characters from the series as well. The game will have the original Japanese audio with English subtitles

Get ready to fight!