Writer Yuki Amemiya and artist Yukino Ichihara’s latest fantasy action series arrives stateside thanks to publisher, Seven Seas Entertainment.

The 2014 manga from the female creative duo known as AMEICHI tells the story of the high school student Kokuryuu Kaguya. A number of his peers know that he saw his father die when he was a small child, including some tormenting bullies. After throwing some punches, Kaguya continues to the bus stop unscathed. However, it seems that fate had other ideas and strikes the teen with a bolt of lightning. As if his day couldn’t get any weirder he soon meets the strange bunny-eared, gun-weilding girl named Mao who claims to be from the moon. As Mao questions his humanity, a bully from earlier returns but with something dark possessing him. Kaguya has to once again face his pursuer and find out more about himself and the mysterious “demons” that took his father away from him.


AMEICHI spent little time after wrapping up their hit series “07-Ghost” to get back to on “Battle Rabbits.” While both deal with fantasy, the duo decide to choose Modern Japan as the setting. Unlike the heavy influences and references to western religion and mythology in “07-Ghost,” readers see more use of Japanese mythology and tradition, such as the Battle Rabbits’ uniforms and magic. Ichihara gives a nice twist between the modern and traditional with her art, along with some amazing action-packed sequences.
Fans will have to wait until January 10th for “Battle Rabbits” Volume Three, but it gives enough time for them to check out the “07-Ghost” manga from VIZ Media and the 25-episode anime series on Crunchyroll. For more information, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s site or your local comic vendor.