Day 18 – Favorite Ending: “Aoki Tsuki Michite” by AKIRA and Saku from Kuroshituji: Book of Circus

You may not know is that I am not really a fan of endings.  Usually, the openings are so powerful and get you ready and pumped for an episode. Endings, however, are either bland or feel rushed. Obviously there are many exceptions, but I found myself having to think hard about this one. When I finally decided on Book of Circus‘s ending, I realized that it shouldn’t have been THAT hard.  We all know I love the Kuroshitsuji series.  I am actually not a fan of  the first ending, “I’m Alive” from the first season. I find it unsatisfactory and a bit annoying. The first season’s second ending, “Lacrimosa”, is a lot more fitting.  

But this is about my favorite. “Aoki Tsuki Michite” is as haunting and beautiful as the series itself. The shattered stained glass in the beginning sets up for the ending of the animation. We are shown elegant clothing scattered on the floor as the camera switched to Ciel settling in a tub full of darkness. We see a glimpse of his face, his right eye still normal. A gloved hand, Sebastians, obviously, dunks him into the void. He emerges from the tub, completely covered in black. Sebastian is there, waiting with a towel as Ciel walks over the shattered glass, cutting his feet and leaving behind bloody footprints. After Sebastian wraps Ciel in the huge towel, the darkness subsides and we see Ciel’s eyes open, his right one now marked with the demon contract, with a painful look on his face. The animation closes with Sebastian kissing his forehead as his demon eyes look down on Ciel.

This ending is not only rich with symbolism, it manages to tell a better story than most anime series as a whole. By far my favorite ending to date.

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