While we may not be in Japan for the show, I want to share with you some of my thoughts and favorites to come out of the show this year (so far).

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 (Gyakuten Saiban 6)

To my surprise, one of my favorite franchises is receiving yet another sequel, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 (Gyakuten Saiban 6) for the Nintendo 3DS. Not that I am complaining; I am addicted to the Phoenix Wright series and Capcom just keeps pushing out game after game these passed couple of years that make my heart, and wallet, scream. It seems that this new game takes our hero outside of his usual court room and into a fictitious Asian country. This country despises lawyers but loves fortune tellers and psychics.

Gravity Daze

I am no stranger to the Sony franchise, especially the PS Vita. While a lot of fans criticized the handheld device, I praised it. It was fun, innovative, stylish and it fit oh so well into my hands. One of my favorite games to come out on the Vita was Gravity Rush. Gravity Rush was incredible as it allowed the player to use every function the Vita had to offer including the gyro motion and back touch pad. The story was great and the gameplay was fun. While Gravity Daze is not a sequel, (there is one on the way) it will give PS4 users a chance to experience the original title. Some, however, are claiming that the controls are more favored on the Vita. Will this PS4 remake hold up?

Kingdom Hearts II.8

Oh my goodness Square Enix. Yet ANOTHER HD remaster of past games. This one will include three installments. First up, Dream Drop Distance; the direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2. Up next, we have Back Cover; a collection of cutscenes from a Japan-only browser game titled Unchained X. The game focuses on the earliest Keyblade wielders. And finally, a playable epilogue to 2010’s Birth by Sleep titled Birth by Sleep 0.2 – a Fragmentary Passage. It will be a short game that follows Aqua, a main character in the previous game. I’m certain Square Enix just wants to keep it’s players quiet for now until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out when the world ends. But we’ll all be dead by then.

Gravity Rush 2

While I feel I don’t need to repeat myself on how much I loved the first one, I did want to share my thoughts on the sequel to Gravity Rush. Once again, we are treated with really a really unique art style, awesome female leads and incredibly fun game mechanics. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this. But, will the sequel hold up to it’s predecessor?

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