Re-kindling my love for both the manga and movie Kamikaze Girls, I found myself looking more into the women’s biking culture of Japan. In America individuality is greatly encouraged, while in Japan this has not always been the case. Japanese women have been finding new ways of showing their individuality through clothing, career choices, and more recently: motorcycles. These women are known as the “bosozuko” girls, their name meaning “violent run tribe.” These badass biker girls play by their own rules wearing kamikaze attack uniforms with embroidered gang names. And these are indeed gangs, for they are always at odds with the authorities with both their operations and uniforms being enough to get one arrested. Despite the trials they face with police, these women take all the freedom and thrill one can feel driving on the open road, expressing themselves as the new independent, modern woman. Check out the video below from Vocativ for a more extensive look on the bosozuko subculture.