Readers find an unusual relationship in artist Koromo’s 2016 manga “A Polar Bear in Love.”

As the title states, a polar bear falls in love to an unlikely creature, a young seal. In nature, the seal is the typical meal for the bear so the small animal’s shocked response to its predator’s love confession is expected. The seal hesitantly allows the the bear to be with him even though both of them are male members of different species. Polar Bear does his best to convey his feelings but the seal still keeps his guard up in case the beast takes him as his dinner. It will take time for the two to reach a mutual understanding as they live on the quiet and icy land.

“A Polar Bear in Love”, originally a webcomic, seems to be a simple tale between implausible lovers filled with short and funny chapters. However there are a handful of chapters that go deep in the character’s past. Those stories cut through the softness and leaves a touch of sadness, giving depth to the series. It definitely a book for all ages to check out and learn that love comes in different forms.

Japanese movie production company Shochiku released an animated short of “Polar Bear in Love” in March 2017 that later grew to several installments that they showed both in theaters and online.

Volume Two of the manga will hit shelves on February. For more information, visit Yen Press’s site.

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