The website for the anime for Tokyo Ghoul:re, the sequel to Sui Ishida’s hit Tokyo Ghoul, has revealed the first visuals of the main characters and their voice actors as well as the for PV, or trailer.

The Tokyo Ghoul series and it’s characters have been near and dear to my heart for literal years and I was so incredibly upset at the second season’s anime adaptation. Here’s hoping that :re will follow the manga more closely than it’s predecessor. Check out the images, profiles and and PV below:


Haise Sasaki:

Voiced by Natsuke Hanae

Profile: / April 2 Aries AB type / 170 cm 58 kg / (CCG) First agent
“I have lost my memory for the past 20 years and I see my superiors Aokira Motoi and Arima like my parents.”







Kuki Urie:

Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa

Profile: / February 12th Aquarius O type / 173.5cm 60kg / [CCG] Secondary investigator
“In order to fulfill revenge, I am particular about being promoted to the S3 team that my father belonged to.”






Ginshi Shirazu:

Voiced by Yuuma Ichida

Profile: / March 8 Pisces Type A / 176 cm 55 kg / [CCG] Third Investigator
“For some reason, I am obsessed with money and I agreed to the Quincs treatment for a large reward.”








Toru Mutsuki:

Voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara

Profile: / December 14 Sagittarius AB type / 165 cm 48 kg / [CCG] third examiner
“Serious but shy; I am not good at seeing blood.”








Saiko Yonebayashi:

Voiced by Ayane Sakura

Profile: / September 4th Virgo B Type / 143 cm ● 0 kg / (CCG) Third Investigator
“My hobbies are animation, games, manga, figure collection, etc. I worry about becoming chubby”







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