For those looking for a bit more spice in their romantic fiction, publisher Digital Manga’s newest imprint branch PeCChi has something to offer for everyone. To those with interest in the Boys Love genre might find artist Emu’s “The Secret Devil-chan” a hilarious romantic comedy the perfect pick.

Sou Kurosaki finds himself in a complicated situation after summoning a demon in order to lose his virginity. His plan backfires when the very feminine incubus Kougure appears. Sou escapes Kougure’s grasp but not completely from the demon because the contract the spell created. Since the pair did not do the deed, Kougure is stuck in the human world and with his powers became part of his family and the community. Sou now has to balance his school life with taking care of his new “cousin” and trying to find a way to break the magical pact.

Emu packs a lot of funny moments in her 2011 manga especially with Kougure’s flirtatious personality and little knowledge of human daily life. Interested readers should take note that because of some risque scenes mostly due to Kougure’s incubus seductiveness, the book has a Young Adult (16 years old +) rating. It is worth finding out if Sou will be able to free himself from the demon or if he falls for Kougure’s adorable looks.

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