Earlier in June 2020, publisher Yen Press released news about new titles that will be available this October 20th.

“Heterogenia Linguistico” by Salt Seno is about Hakaba, a novice linguist filling in for his professor who takes time off to heal. The assistant must travel the world and gather data on how the many monsters communicate. Luckily Hakaba has help in the form of his petite guide Susuki.

“High School DxD” returns in light novel form! Fans can read Ichiei Ishibumi’s tale of the perverted Issei Hyoudou and his supernatural and beautiful classmates all over again in text form. Readers will also see Zero Miyama’s orginal illustrations in the book. Yen Press also has the manga series available in English.

“In the Land of Leadale” is an isekai light novel from writer Ceez. It features a female protagonist who arrived into Leadale, a place from a VR game. She played it while she couldn’t move must after a terrible accident and ended up there after she noticed her life support failing. However the place she is now doesn’t seem as it was when she was a player.

“My Broken Mariko” from creator Waka Hirako follow Shiino. The grumpy office assistance gets the sudden news that her friend Mariko died. It hits her hard and throws her world off balance as she tries to understand it.

According to the press release, the series will be released in hardcover. Readers discretion is advised due to content regarding death, suicide and abuse. The book will be out in October 20th.

“Sadako at the End of the World” is a unique post-apocalyptic where the iconic ghost is summoned by two lonely sisters. Koma Natsumi created the manga with supervision of the “Ring” novel series creator himself Koji Suzuki. It will definitely be a must-read for the Halloween season.

“Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Official Artworks” is an artbook from the studio FromSoftware. Fans can check out illustrations and information from Gamespot’s 2019 Game of the Year winner.

Yen Press will also be releasing in June “Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei the Undying”, a manga from Shin Yamamoto. The manga features Hanbei, the training partner and key NPC of the game.

“Sword Art Online Progressive Transient Barcarolle” continues the spin-off “Sword Art Progressive”, telling more what happened to the main characters during their first two years trapped in the game.

The manga is written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by Shiomi Miyoshi with some of abec’s original art.

“Three Days of Happiness” is Sugaru Miaki’s light novel with illustrations by Shōichi Taguchi. Kusunoki finds himself a strange shop where he can sell off a portion of his life for cash. The unique offer may give way to new opportunities, hopefully not wasting the sacrificed years.

The light novel will be printed in a hardcover edition.