VIZ Media recently released “Fly Me to the Moon”, the latest manga series from “Hayate the Combat Butler” creator Kenjiro Hata.

Many parents try to find a fitting name for their children. The Yuzakis hope that their son Nasa would be able to have dreams like the shimmering stars. However, the boy gets rather gloomy when he thinks of his name. Still he strives to be the best, becoming one of the best out of the mock high school exams. Things look like they were all going his way until he sees this beautiful girl and he stops in his tracks. He approaches her but realizes at the last second he was in the middle of the road and in the way of a truck. Nasa survives but thanks to the girl protecting him and taking some of the impact. While bloodied, the two seem to be able to get back on their feet and walk off. The car accident doesn’t stop Nasa who is still love struck and confesses his love to her. The mysterious girl accepts his request to go out but only if they get married. Nasa agrees but passes out due to blood loss. He soon recovers and tries to continue with life but the disappearance of the girl throws things out of whack and he goes to live on his own. It would be years later but somehow she shows up in front of his apartment. Their life together finally begins but things might not be as easy to adjust well into.

Hata spoke during Virtual Crunchyroll Expo about the manga and its upcoming anime adaptation. He said that he wanted to make a story that started with a marriage which he called the last step of the relationship and differed from the pattern from other romantic stories like his own. Few others have similar situations like “Engaged to the Unidentified” and “Please Teacher!” but  “Fly Me to the Moon” settles down quite quickly to show how the newlyweds make the apartment more homely. For those who enjoyed “Hayate the Combat Butler” will find the hard hitting gags and other funny moments Hata had in his previous series. Readers will find that Nasa’s wife will also have some strangeness like him. Their relationship is quite intriguing and will want fans to know more about his “Princess Kaguya” while seeing how things will turn out.

“Fly Me to the Moon” Volume Two will be hitting shelves on November 10, 2020. As mentioned before, the series will be hitting screens as an anime. Interested fans will have to remember that it will be under its original name “Tonikawa” when it is available on Crunchyroll this October. Head over to our recap on the V-CRX panel for more about the anime from both Kenjiro Hata and lead actress Akira Kito. Crunchyroll also has the anime adaptation of “Hayate the Combat Butler” while VIZ published the English translation of the manga. Head over to VIZ for more information on “Fly Me to the Moon” including a free online preview.