Artist Synecdoche brings us a story about a love affair like no other: between potato-based junk food and an elf who traveled across dimensions to enjoy them. In Plus-Sized Elf, magical creatures from another world come to learn of Earth’s culinary treasures.

Naoe Tomoatsu is a massage therapist at the Smiley Boar clinic and is certainly surprised when he gets an unusual visitor from another world: an elf by the name Elfuda who has an addiction to junk food, particularly potato based foods. Elfuda seeks Naoe’s help in hope to rid herself of the excess weight she gains by indulging herself so that she can return home. But the self-conscious elf doesn’t make it easy, as she’s here for one main reason: not to take over, but to eat french fries. While her passion for junk food and her pride as an elf might clash, Elfuda is not the only creature from her world visiting to indulge in the cuisine and it seems Naoe might have more patients to assist with their adjustment to Earth.

Plus-Sized Elf likes to make a point about healthy habits. It addresses these habits, ranging from healthy eating to specific exercises throughout the first volume. Each one explains their benefits and suggests doing so to assist both the character within the story as well as the reader. What really might get several reader’s attention will be the characters who all have their quirks making them fantastical, lovable and relatable at the same time. The chemistry between the steadily growing cast of characters also adds to not only the humor, but also lore of the world where most of the cast have come from. There also seems to be more at work as the story seems to hint at something larger going on with all of the new influx of visitors coming to Earth.

The first three volumes of Plus-Sized Elf are available from Seven Seas Entertainment right now, with the third volume just released on the 8th of October. The fourth volume is due to hit shelves sometime in mid-December.