Artist Taro Shinonome adapted Nozomi Ginyoku’s light novel series I’m a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl’s Pet into a manga. Thanks to Yen Press, English translations are available.

The protagonist of I’m a Behemoth woke up in a body that became his. His previous memories were of his death as a knight being stabbed by an assassin. He discovered he got reincarnated as one of the most powerful creatures, a behemoth. The revelation shocked him but not as much as his adorable appearance. His new form seemed like a normal kitten but his mind was still like his old human self. The knight learned more about his new abilities however overestimated an encounter in a dragon’s horde. His escape led to meeting Aria. She found the injured cat in the labyrinth and tended to his wounds. The elf didn’t know how powerful of an ally she made and how much help he will bring in her future adventures.

As mentioned in the manga’s release announcement earlier in April, I’m a Behemoth is rated “M” for mature content including some nudity and sexual content. It is a bit clear with the book’s protagonist Tama (named by Aria) seen resting on the elf adventurer’s chest many times what kind of other scenes might be in the manga. Regarding the story, the beginning was a bit reminiscent of That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime where both humans turned into mighty monsters. However I’m a Behemoth doesn’t seem like part of the isekai genre since it looks like Tama returned to his original world.  Also like Rimuru in Slime, Tama can devour other monsters and acquire their skills. The city of Labyrinthos would be one familiar to players of MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft. It has guilds and members like Aria where they can get information about the latest bounties and work orders. Even though being Rank D, Aria appears to be capable of handling combat and survival to a level that surprises the former knight. It is good to see that she could take care of things on her own but also knowing there are others that support her. It is however very questionable and concerning finding out one of the reasons she kept Tama as her pet. Again, the manga has mature subject matter and is highly suggested not for readers under 17 years of age.

Volume Two of the I’m a Behemoth manga and the first volume of Ginyoku’s original light novel will both be out in July 2020. For more information, head to Yen Press’s website.