Image stills courtesy of Funimation Films.

Funimation will be bringing studio Polygon Pictures’s latest film “Human Lost” to American theaters on October 22nd and 23rd and Canadian ones November 6th and 7th as special limited releases.

Inspired the novel “No Longer Human” by one of Japan’s recognizable writers Osamu Dazai, “Human Lost” takes place in Japan, 17 years into the fictional future. Thanks to the advancements through the S.H.E.L.L. system and GMNP, people can live up to 120 years. However, this is a luxury few could afford so most of the population must struggle in the polluted world. While the new technology helps everyone survive, they must also be cautious of the growing threat of monstrosities called Losts. Painter Yozo Oba is one of those citizens whose past traumas plague him from seeing a positive outlook in the smoke filled land. He joins his friend Takeichi on an attack against the Inside section of the area but will find himself pulled by both sides of this battle.

As mentioned before, “Human Lost” takes material from Dazai’s well-known and final book “No Longer Human”. The film brings several of the characters into new life in Polygon Pictures’ signature CG animation style but some retain portions about themselves from their literary source. Like in the pages, Yozo faces a lot of problems that leave him torn with what to do next. “Human Lost” however seems to be a mix of Dazai’s writing along with American author Philip K. Dick, best known for “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” as it has a dystopian future. The setting also might remind viewers of the cityscapes of both movies “Blade Runner” and “Blade Runner 2049”. There are hints of “Minority Report” with the roles of Applications. It is an interesting blend as both bring questions about human life and society. This movie goes into the worth of those and how the social divide may lead into a ruling hierarchy that does not fully benefit everyone. Amidst the explosive fight scenes, there is a very human drama within as the characters pull fate either towards dismal restart of humanity or a paradise they dream for. The movie brings many surprises and developments, keeping viewers wanting to find out how this strange story unravels in the end.

Viewer discretion is advised to those interested in seeing “Human Lost”. There are many scenes of bloody violence and gore. There is also some nudity and scenes of self-harm.

For more information on “Human Lost” including finding which nights will be the dubbed version or the subtitled one, visit Funimation Films’s website.