Day 5: Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed – Hetalia: Axis Powers



Starting as a webcomic, turned manga turned anime, who would’ve thought a series in which humanized countries with distinct personalities interacting with each other would ever be made let alone be a HUGE hit.  Hetalia is exactly that.



Beneath their cute boy exterior lies a wave of stereotypes and hilarious accents. America is loud, boisterous and eats nothing but hamburgers. France is a pretty boy pervert. England is constantly yelling at America and making tea. Germany is always angry. Japan is very polite but very confused about a lot of things in the world. And Russia is a cold, dead-eyed man with a scarf.

Funimation has essentially rewritten the series for American audiences in their official dub version. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at an anime before. The first episode gives us a taste of most of the countries personalities.

I was turned off from the series at first due to the rather intense fandom, but I learned not to judge a series by fans alone and soon Hetalia became one of my favorite comedies.

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