Artist Ukami’s 2014 series “Gabriel DropOut” brings laughs for fans of supernatural comedy.

Soon after finishing her studies at the Angel Academy as valedictorian, Gabriel White Tenma went to Earth to learn more about human life in order to properly to give them joy and happiness. The plan backfired once she found out about the various forms of media entertainment. Soon she became a recluse addicted to anime and video games and did not care for her human schooling nor original mission. Fellow student and demon Vignette tried to bring the former angelic prodigy back into her normal state, but it might take the efforts of both Heaven and Hell to get Gabriel back onto the right track.

“Gabriel DropOut” has a similar vibe to the hit series “The Devil is a Part-timer” but if the freeloading NEET Lucifer/Urushihara was the main character. Ukami gives each of his characters a particular twist to their personalities, having them be stray a bit from their races’ original mortal alignment. The story has slices from Gabriel and her friends’ lives as each of them live in the human world. Hilarity ensues when another element of fantasy comes into the situation. The manga is definitely for those looking for some light reading and a good amount of comedy.

Publisher Yen Press will release Volume Two of “Gabriel DropOut” in January 2018. Luckily fans of the series can go to Crunchyroll to watch the 12-episode anime adaptation from Studio Doga Kobo. For more information on the manga, visit Yen Press’s site.