What makes a convention so good? Is it the concerts? The panels? The guests? Well, yes but mostly it’s the vendor hall and exclusives the companies bring. Be it premieres, toys, or even badass displays you wont see anywhere else in America, vendors shined at Anime Expo 2017 this year.

Every year, more and more fans show up to the Expo wanting more and companies like Crunchyroll, Aniplex and Goodsmile provided a plethora of entertainment and goods said fans could sink their teeth into. Lezhin Comics, their first year at Anime Expo, brought their top two creators, Koogi and Silb, to sign exclusive prints for four days. Goodsmile brought an exclusive, limited Yuri on Ice!!! Yuri Katsuki Nendoroid that will only be available at one other event in Japan. Crunchyroll, last minute, brought the creators of Yuri!!! on Ice for an exclusive panel and autograph session. Various companies held premieres of anime films and series even before they premiered in Japan.

Images by Jason Justice

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I have to wonder how these companies will top this year at next year’s show. You can bet we will be there to cover!