Magicians unleash the hidden power of music in Ichiya Sazanami’s series “Magia the Ninth.” Even though most of the modern world left the past’s fantasy, some evil portions still lingers and have enough strength to threaten humanity. Luckily the abilities to neutralize them are alive in a selected few who become exorcists or “magia” to destroy those demons. Teenager Takeru Sumura finds one in the bustling Tokyo, the cleanly dressed but untidy Beethoven. The strange man is Takeru’s next step to getting revenge on the demon that killed his parents, but Beethoven rejects having the student as his apprentice and puts the plan on hold. The wheels of fate kept spinning however when a demon attracted the “noise” or negative emotions strikes the duo. Though heavily wounded, they vanquished the monster using the untapped magic in Takeru. With no reluctance, Beethoven welcomes the boy under the name “Brahms” into the circle of protectors and hopes to train him into a proper exorcist.

Sazanami changes up musically sourced magic by including incorporating references of classical western music. She uses the names of actual pieces made by each of the composers her characters call themselves. It is surprising that “Magia” is only two volumes because there is a lot of potential for a lengthier story that can go deep into the fantastical world and its history. The series though short brings readers a big bang for their buck.

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