Kina Kobayashi’s debut manga series “Nameless Asterism” features a trio of friends but as the days pass by in junior high, secrets each have about the others grow and strain their relationships.

Tsukasa Shiratori fell in love with Nadeshiko Washio since they met on the train on the first day of school. Nowadays, she’s been by her side as her friend along with fellow classmate Mikage Kotooka. Tsukasa put her feelings aside to maintain the friendship but things began to shake when she finds Nadeshiko stealing a kiss from Mikage. Her heart nearly shatters but she promises to keep her crush’s secret. All three try to save face but more complications arise when Tsukasa gets a confession from a boy from another school. Even though she is sure of her affections, she decides to give the student a chance. Tsukasa is willing to hide everything for the sake of Nadeshiko and Mikage, but it is unsure if she can sacrifice it for a so-called normal romance.

“Nameless Asterism” will pull and twist reader’s heartstrings will the amount of drama, both external and internal. Kobayashi shows the mental strife of Tsukasa’s thoughts which might resonate with some readers who ever had deep feelings for a close friend. However it seems more difficult for her to confess since it would be a relationship between two girls. “Asterism” becomes more of a story of kids learning they don’t fit the gender norms of old traditional society. The pressure they get to maintain as status quo is what many people of queer identity feel in their everyday life. We hope that they eventually find a way to become who they are as we also hope others become more accepting.

It will be quite some time before Volume Three reaches fans for it will be out in October. Takako Shimura’s “Sweet Blue Flowers” is another Girls’ Love manga that has a similar type of story but more complex drama due to its larger cast. Hopefully the series will keep readers satisfied as they wait for more “Nameless Asterism”. For more information on Kina Kobayashi’s manga, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s site.

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