The high school campus is a typical setting for a slice-of-life manga with a teenage protagonists.

Writer and artist Nami Sano shakes things up with the very unique student Sakamoto. Nothing seems impossible for the young man, even when delinquent bullies plot to disrupt his schedule. Sano’s debut series gained recognition from Japan’s Comic Natalie, a well-known manga news website, earning the top award as the best manga of 2013 out of a list of 106 nominated titles.

It is easy to see when you dive in why “Sakamoto” deserved the award. Sano proved her amazing abilities as a writer and artist, creating highly detailed scenes that helped readers understand the crazy actions that she packed in each page. There is never a shortage of those movement lines, but Sano has a strange finesse with her art that brings her story to life.Seven Seas Entertainment released Volume Three of “Sakamoto” in the end of April. Sadly, fans will have to wait for the next installment in July, but passing the time will not be a problem because there is an anime adaptation of the series.  Studio DEEN, known for producing series such as “Vampire Knight” and “Hell Girl,” started the 13-episode set in April 8th.

Online streaming service Crunchyroll obtained the simulcasts for it so that those outside of Japan are able to enjoy it. Premium members receive the latest episode first while free members and guests must wait some time before it becomes available for them. Visit for more information on the anime series while stopping by, Seven Seas Entertainment’s site regarding the manga. Of course, stop by Ryan’s Comics or any other local vendor to pick up your copy of “Sakamoto” and see some of the young lad’s weird solutions to problems you never knew you had.

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