Day 16: Favorite Canon Couple – Guts and Casca from Berserk

This is not to be confused with Day 2’s Favorite Couple
As far as Berserk goes, these two have the most romantic and consensual relationship in the whole series. We all know that the series’ main character, Guts, has a tragic life. Throw in a doomed and short-lived love into the mix and this poor bastard literally has nothing to smile about. Guts came to know Casca after joining the same army she helped command. At first, like a lot of new romances, their relationship was rocky and full of jealousy; more so in Casca’s case. She was incredibly jealous over Griffith’s, their leader, affection he showed towards Guts and wanted that for herself. Guts battled alongside her and even saved her a number of times and came to respect and admire her strength and prowess.


Over time, he fell in love with her as a whole person. Eventually, Casca returned those feelings; and it was beautiful seeing her go from someone who mistrusted Guts to falling in love with him. They way they around each other and the adorable facial expressions they give always make me giddy inside.

But, since this is Berserk, their love was never meant to last. After a certain huge turning point in the story (no spoilers here! Go read for yourself!), we find Casca with a case of dementia and a fear for Guts. Guts, obviously still in love with her, sets off on a journey to find a cure for her memory and trauma.

A lot of Berserk shows Guts undying love and devotion for Casca even though she is in a state where she cannot return it to him. It was beautiful thing to see Guts and Casca’s affection grow for each other in the Golden age Arc. Here’s hoping that one day, they will live happily ever after.


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