Images courtesy of Crunchyroll.

Earlier this week, Crunchyroll shared with fans the exciting news that their digital event Virtual Crunchyroll Expo will be back this summer on August 5th to 7th. Attendees will be able to explore the online version of Crunchy City once again and see and interact with those from the anime industry, fandoms and Japanese culture.

Crunchyroll-Hime’s Cosplay Cup is back and so are hosts cosplayer Vampy Bit Me and Digital Era Entertainment founder Mario Bueno. Sign-ups are still open until June 6th so interested participants can head over to its webpage for more information on the rules and applications.

Cherami Leigh worked both on screen and in the recording booth to give life to many characters for over two decades. She recently reprised her role as Minako, Sailor Venus in the movie “Sailor Moon Eternal”. Leigh also played fan favorites Asuna of “Sword Art Online” and Noi of “Dorohedoro”. Stay tuned and follow V-CRX for more information on her panel.

Okitsugu Kado returns to V-CRX to show off his unique talent of combining food and pop culture. It will be exciting to see what he will carve for the fans.

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo is free to register for both access of the live screenings and stream and event VODS. Attendees can also pre-order this year’s commemorative shirt until June 30th. As mentioned before, the Cosplay Cup is still accepting competitors until June 6th.  For questions and other information, visit V-CRX’s website.