It’s been one week since the release of the latest DLC of the mega hit Final Fantasy XV was released. ‘Monster of the Deep’ is a Playstation VR game that allows players to create their own custom character and take on the role as a fisher in the world of Eos, the fantasy world the game takes place in. The player interacts with the main characters and travels to different ponds and lakes catching and hunting a variety of fish.

However, there doesn’t appear to be much fishing going on for some players. It seems that fans of Noctis and the men of the Gothic Diva Boyband Camping Experience™ are spending hours creating their characters and getting up close and personal with their favorites.


You can’t tell me this never crossed the minds over at Square Enix. Here’s hoping we get a future Final Fantasy game in which we can make our own characters that serve as the main protagonist a la Dragon Age.