Fans of the popular Black Butler series will be excited to know that there is a new film set for U.S. theaters. Set in a fictional world during the Victorian Era, Earl Ciel Phantomive and his faithful Butler Sebastian Michaelis are set out by Queen Victoria to solve mysteries and crimes that pose threat to London and it’s people. It’s dark and beautiful with a gothic nature that doesn’t take itself too seriously that has cemented itself in the anime community with fans old and new alike.

This week, Funimation held the U.S. premiere of the English dub of Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic, the latest in the franchise, in Marina Del Ray aboard The Entertainer, just before sunset. Opportunities to take photos of and with Black Butler Cosplayers and cut-outs were at the entrance with two screens for viewing, both downstairs and upstairs inside the ship.  The rooms were classically adorned with solid black, leather chairs and elegant white table cloths atop small, round side tables under a ceiling with square panels and mirrors. This interior setting combined with the visuals of lights glittering on the night water and the passing of the city in the distance made for a perfect movie viewing experience about hot bishonens violently killing zombies on a boat.

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While I could have you read about our experience and my review of the film, why not take a listen? Click on our featured podcast below to hear about the premiere event and our take on the latest in the Black Butler saga. Spoilers ahoy!

There you have it! Full of humor, surprises and plenty of gore! Any fan of the series or any new comers will want to sink their teeth into this new chapter.

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic will be in theaters June 12th and 14th. More information can be found at Funimation. Be sure to grab your tickets!