Creer Beaute, a Japanese cosmetic line known for releasing anime themed product, is coming out with two more Sailor Moon cosmetics in its “Miracle Romance” line. In the past they released perfumes, eyeliners, and blushes all centered around Sailor Moon. This December they are offering two Sailor Moon pencil eyeliners in the shape of the Moon Stick and Disguise Pen. The retail price is 1,400 yen, or about 12 USD, each.


The second item being released in January of 2016 are the Sailor Moon Makeup Beauty Masks. These full face masks are promised to provide and retain moisture, maintain skin elasticity, and improve skin texture. Some of the ingredients include evening primrose oil, avocado extract, vitamin B3 and niacinamide. The masks are paraben free and alcohol free therefore not drying out your face. They have a white rose scent as to not overwhelm the wearer or harm sensitive skin. Coming in packaged in boxes of 5,  the retail price for one box is 980 yen, or about 8 USD.


These items will be available on Creer Beaute’s official website.

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