Yes, we all know about the “13 Nights of Halloween”; 13 being an ‘unlucky’ or ‘cursed’ number that associates with the spookiness of the holiday. But I only have seven recommendations right now so bare with me.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Living in Southern California, however, getting into the spooky spirit proves difficult most of the time (it’s so hot!).  So instead of bundling up and walking around festivals, I decorate with battery-operated candles and watch my favorite horror anime and films.  Every year, I like to showcase Halloween-themed media be it a podcast, gallery, a few editorials, what have you. This year, along with our Halloween makeover, I wanted to share my favorite Halloween-themed anime episodes and films. While almost each episode serves as a somewhat filler in the main story line, don’t think for a minute they aren’t enjoyable as the rest of their series.

To kick things off, I wanted to start a bit more light-hearted with lovely little series called Orenchi no Furo Jijo or Merman in my Tub.  Created by Itokichi, the series started as a four-panel manga about the bathroom adventures of Wakasa the Merman and Tatsumi the human whose bathroom Wakasa resides in.  The anime aired in Summer of 2014 with 13 episodes, each ranging from three minutes to five minutes.

The episode is ‘The Halloween Circumstances of my Household’ starts off with the three fishmen, Wakasa the Merman, Takasu the octopus man and Mikuni the jellyfish man, attempting to spook the audience in their Halloween costumes. The characters spend most of the episode ‘trick or treating’ in the bathroom, with Tatsumi handing the fishmen candy as they wear their Halloween costumes while being teased and tormented with tickles. They eventually convince Tatsumi to join in on the fun. It’s a sweet little episode that embodies the cute side of Halloween.

But  don’t just stop at the Halloween special. Orenchi is a really fun and cute show as a whole. The If you have an hour and a half, definitely give the series a watch.  It’s streaming on Crunchyroll.


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