As the quest to become the ultimate Pokemon master neared its end on google maps, it looks like the journey has just started for smart phone users come 2016. Pokemon Go is the real world journey to catch em all that our young hearts have been waiting for. Coming to Android and iPhone, potential Pokemon masters will have the ability to sync their location information to catch and discover Pokemon in their own backyard.

Pokemon_GO_Plus_w_strap.0The game is being produced by Niantic Inc, who has seen great success with Ingress, another GPS friendly mobile game that currently sits at 12 million downloads. The game director of Pokemon Junichi Masuda, as well as Nintendo, and Pokemon company have all come together to make this game a reality. What will make Pokemon Go so unique to other downloadable apps, will be the user’s ability to play without being glued to their phone’s screen.

Users will be able to connect a device called Pokemon Go Plus to their phone via Bluetooth. The device will alert them to Pokemon nearby, or allow them to perform several other small tasks with the press of a button. The device will use a combination of an LED light and vibration to alert the player.

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