If you live in California, like the lovely MsChar, then you might be panicking about what to wear to Anime Conji this weekend. Fear not! I am here to help you out with a few simple cosplays that you could do from your own closet or less than $10 at any thrift store.


Little Slugger from Paranoia Agent

Being the Slugger can be one of the easiests cosplays, male or female. His clothing items are very simple and can be found at any thrift store (or a little brother’s closet). The plastic baseball bat, skates, and knee pads can also be found around the house from a long lost childhood or at a store for a low cost. My own brother cosplayed this and all it cost him $10 total for the bat, skates, and a can of gold spray paint. I do recommend having an extra pair of shoes with you to change into as most cons do not allow roller skates indoors. Keep a crazed look in your eye and have a great time creeping out the rest of the con goers.


Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Tina is another great that is both simple and easily recognized. Her top and skirt can be found around the house or at the trusty ol’ thrift store. The glasses and yellow hair clip can be found at your local dollar store, either with false lenses or removing them to keep the frame. Tube socks can be picked up from any local drug store or even Target for a low price. The high tops might be the only struggle with this outfit if you do not already own a pair. Black shoes are an easy replacement or any other simple flat show (this is Tina we are talking about, she can have some creative footwear and no one would think it strange). The hair could also cause some heartache for those who don’t have short black hair, fear not I have a solution for that too. KKCentralhk is great for cheap wigs on the fly that surprisingly hold up over the years. If Tina doesn’t float your boat, any of the other Belcher family members can be done just as simply.

heero cosplay

Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing

Simple and comfy, not something you can always say about a Gundam character. Heero Yuy may be the easiest out there that is the most recognizable. The tank top and socks, if not already owned, can be bought at any Target by the Hanes section. His black shorts can be easily translated to biker shorts or even cropped black leggings. The boots might be the biggest problem if they cannot be found at our haven called a thrift store, but if all else fails brown work boots can be bought cheap off wholesale websites or ebay. Run around the con being moppy and angsty and you will capture everyone’s original favourite Gundam pilot.

If all else fails, just get creative like this guy:

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