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VIZ Media recently announced the company acquired distribution and merchandise rights of “Genie Family 2020”. The anime series will be showing starting in October on Crunchyroll and is the newest iteration of the 1969 show.

In “Genie Family 2020” King Genie returns to Tokyo and to his old master’s home. However years have passed and it is up to the current generation to go on this magical adventure. King Genie with his daughter Akubi and son pair up with his master’s grandson Kantaro so that Akubi gets the proper training she needs in order to take her father’s place as queen. However hijinks are bound to happen with Akubi’s inconsistent powers and the troublemaker of a little brother.

“Genie Family is one of the most endearing animations of its time, and we are thrilled for a whole new audience to meet the latest generation alongside fan favorite King Genie in brand-new adventures,” said Brad Woods, CMO of VIZ Media. “What was true in 1969 when the original show premiered is still true today: wishes and dreams have endless potential. We can’t wait for today’s kids to meet Kantaro, Akubi, and her rascally kid brother.” 

The production staff includes Director Atsushi Nigorikawa, series composition by Hiroko Kanasugi, and character designs by Shin Takemoto and Masatsune Noguchi. Takamitsu Shimazaki, Hiroshi Sasaki and Teppei Shimizu worked on the musical composition. Iconic Tatsunoko Production known for classic series such as “Speed Racer” and “Casshan” made the animation.

King Genie will be voiced by Koichi Yamashita (“Ranma 1/2” Ryoga Hibiki). Sumire Morohoshi (“The Promised Neverland” Emma) will be Akubi. Her brother will be played by Daiki Yamashita (“My Hero Academia” Izuku Midoriya 2016-2019). Miyuri Shimabukuro (“Carole & Tuesday” Carole) will be playing the new master Kantaro.

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