A yakuza heiress is looking for answers as she runs from past consequences in this fast and furious action crime thriller Ryuko by Eldo Yoshimizu.

Daughter of the leader of the yakuza, Ryuko is a no-nonsense and resourceful woman who is out for blood. Her journey in crime takes her from the streets of Tokyo to a war-torn country in the Middle-East and even farther. As she talks with a former associate in his dying moments, Ryuko receives an item and information she wasn’t expecting: her mother is still alive. This revelation drives her to look back on her past, her former acquaintances and all of the consequences that lie within. This leads to one attack after another, complete with flying bullets, car-chases and alliances tested. It seems Ryuko has some serious decisions to make.

Sculptor, musician, and photographer Eldo Yoshimizu ventures their way into manga with the publication of the first volume Ryuko under Titan Comics’ Hard Case Crime line. Just as the title of the brand-line might imply, Ryuko is a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled manga with a crime story that will keep readers hooked onto the complex characters. The detailed and action-packed art by Yoshimizu alone would be enough to draw readers in, as it captures both the reader’s attention and imagination when all hell breaks loose. But even the calmest scenes are enough to captivate the reader, allowing for the entire backdrop of the world in the story to be painted. Readers might liken Ryuko favorably to other crime and girls with gun series such as Black Lagoon and Michiko & Hatchin. However, while the story and art will leave any fan wanting more, the manga is only a two-parter.

Both volumes of Ryuko are available in English by Titan Comics, under the Hard Case Crime line. As of this moment, it is the only manga under the Hard Case Crime line by Titan Comics.