Big See. Image courtesy of Lezhin Entertainment.


One of Lezhin Comics’ most popular webtoons, Big See, is set for a digital drama adaption by Kakao M.

Lezhin Entertainment (CEO Lee Sung Eob) announced on August 4th that Big See will be adapted into a digital drama series by Kakao M with Ji Soo (My First First Love) cast in the leading role.

Big See is the second of Kim Botong’s comics to be set for a screen adaptation behind D.P Dog’s Day which is currently in pre-production for Netflix. Big See was the first title to be awarded the prestigious “Manhwa of the Day” prize in Korea. The story follows the perspective of a young terminal cancer patient as he enters the late stages of his illness. Big See has seen international success with over 20 million views worldwide.

Lezhin Studio (CEO Vince Byun) which has produced two dramas for TVN, Method and Chomi’s Interest, will be producing the series. Currently, the studio is in pre-production for Method: A Second Attempt and the Netflix original series Hell. Lezhin Studio is a film production company acquired by Lezhin Entertainment in 2018, to shine a new spotlight on webtoons and widen its user base.

A representative of Lezhin Studio was quoted as saying, “We’re excited to see the performances by Lee Seol and Ji Soo combined by the fantastic atmospheres and environments only possible through animation to create a new reality that dives deep into the horizon between the real world and dreams when the dramatization of Big See is released in the latter half of 2020.”

The live-action portions of the drama were directed by Kim Dong-ha known for his realistic yet refined visual palette and the animated portions were handled by Korea’s foremost animator, Han Ji-won. The series is planned to run for 10 episodes, each under 15 minutes, and will be optimized for a mobile viewing environment available on a new video platform through KakaoTalk.

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