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Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young have been confirmed for the film adaptation of Lezhin Comics’ original webtoon, Happy Boy.

Lezhin Entertainment (CEO Lee Sung Eob) announced on the 5th that Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young have been confirmed the main characters for the movie Concrete Utopia   (working title), a movie adaptation of the Lezhin Comics webtoon, Happy Boy by Kim Sung Nyung.

Happy Boy follows two stories. The first is about a group of high school students stuck in a collapsed school building due to an unforeseen disaster. This story follows the psychological and emotional tension between the students, and the fear of being trapped through the eyes of the main character, Donghyun, a social outcast. The second story, “Pleasant Neighbors”, depicts how people can change for the worse in order to survive. The film will follow part two, focusing on the depiction of how power dynamics can be reversed when our ordinary everyday lives change.

Lezhin Studios (CEO Vince Byun) which has produced two dramas for TVN, Method  and Chomi’s Interest, will be producing the film adaptation of Happy Boy with distribution by Lotte Entertainment. Currently, the studio is in pre-production for Method: A Second Attempt, and the Netflix original series Hell. The Lezhin Comics webtoon, D.P Dog’s Day will also be adapted for film and is expected to start production soon. Lezhin Studios is a film production company acquired by Lezhin Entertainment in 2018, to shine a new spotlight on webtoons and widen its user base.

Kim Sung Nyung, the creator behind Happy Boy had this to say: “I’m looking forward to seeing how the movie depicts the change people go through when placed in extreme situations and the themes of preserving one’s humanity in the process.”

Director Uhm Tae-hwa, who directed The Hidden Time and The Fighting, will be directing Concrete Utopia (working title). The film is set to start filming in 2021.

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