Publisher Seven Seas released artist Syundei’s 2017 Boys’ Love one-shot “Go For It, Nakamura!” summer 2018, being their first official BL title as mentioned on their Twitter.

Okuto Nakamura just started high school and already has a big crush on his classmate Aiki Hirose. However, due to his anxiety and overthinking, he flubbed up many chances of properly introducing himself to Hirose. It seemed like things weirdly get more complicated the closer the two teens get. From octopi, forgotten manga and theater performances, the hijinks looked endless. Still resolute with his feelings, Nakamura fought hard through the strange situations to confess his feeling to the charming Hirose.

“Go For It, Nakamura!” is a very sweet and funny story and Syundei’s art style makes it eye-catching. It is very reminiscent of the older 80’s and 90’s works like artist Rumiko Takahashi and is perfect for showing facial expressions and little comedy gags. Though a bit over exaggerated, Nakamura’s thoughts may be what some reader have had when they first fell in love. The desired end result may be clear as day but muddled imaginations and reality might not reflect expectations. Love with another person is a two-way street and if the other reciprocates those feelings, then there might be a chance to forge a deeper relationship.

Seven Seas also released another Syundei’s serialized book “Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart”. Compared to “Nakamura!”, “Eclipse” is a much darker BL story and rated Mature. Check out the publisher’s website for more information on both “Nakamura!” and “Eclipse”.

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